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Sunday, June 28, 2020

            The Truth about Alcohol Tax
          A few days ago, the government decided to open the liquor shop during this lockdown.This very first day that opened, Thus was the situation outside these shops there is so many crowd at that place.
           It was almost as if social distancing had been laid to rest.There was so much demand for alcohol,that some government decided to impose 70% tax on alcohol. And what have been the state state government s been going through and what role does alcohol tax play here?.
          During this lockdown period all the states across the country are going through a massive financial loss .There is a desperate dearth of money in all the state governments.The following step explain the avenus through which money goes to the state governments.
           46% of the money comes from the taxes of the state government itself (which is imposed on the people living in the state).
   Breakdown of 46% of money (% Share)
1. State GST-39.9
2. VAT(mainly fuel)- 21.5 it
3. Excise(mainly liquor) - 11.9
4. Tax on vehicle - 5.7
5. Property & capital transaction - 11.2
6. Others - 9.8
         So all of these sources of earing tax what were available with the government.All these avenus dried up and money stopped coming in from them due to the lock down.
         Overall loss of 80-90% was observed in the revenue of all the states.For example, the Chief Minister of Punjab said that he was expecting a sum of 3300 crores as the state revenue in the month of April.But only sum of around 400 crores came in this year in the month of April.
          The Chief Minister of Delhi said somewhat similar that in the month of April last year, The Delhi state had got 3,500 crores as a tax revenue.But only sum of all around in. the month of April. This is a direct drop of 90 drop.It is severe loss.
          This is why the lockdown is being withdrawn gradually and the business are being told to open slowly.Because no government can bear such a severe loss And this the reason why liquor was so focused upon the liquor shops we're opened suddenly.
         The alcohol tax is very interesteing thing to ponder upon.Ideally, you had never want the people of your country to drink very frequently, because it is harmful for health.
        Which country's government would want the citizens of it's country to be unhealthy and sick people?.Also,if the people get ill,then it increases the pressure on the healthcare system and it becomes more expensive for the government to maintain the healthcare system if more people fall I'll.But on the other hand ,So much money comes in through the taxes imposed on alcohol,The figure for mist of the states run in thousand crores. For example,Delhi earned 5,000 crores in last year only through the excise duty imposed on liquor.karnataka earned 21,000 crores last year.
         This is reason why the liquor stores have been opened bup so soon ain almost all the states And some states have imposed an extra cess an extra Corona Tax of 70% And some states have imposed an extra cess -an extra Corona Tax of 70%.
         So that money can be collected by selling alcohol and so that revenue bloss can be compensated for And this is not the first time that an extra cess has been imposed on liquor.Before this , uttar Pradesh had also imposed an extra tax on liquor last year for GauRaksha.
          They said that they would use the extra money generated for the cow protection. So the people that are buying liquor today are literally saving the economy.also there is online selling of liquor is available now.Recently chattisgarh make online portal of liquor.
           And the results of this decision have been showing up very clearly.The very first day when the shops reopened Uttar Pradesh for example,earned 100 crores by selling alcohol.
Thank You.

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