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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Why The Clock Have Three Hands?

            Hour       CLOCK     Second 


Today I'm going to explain  topic that ,Why the  Clock have three hands?.

  1.Hour Hand.

  2.Minute Hand.

  3.Second Hand. 

This reason is divided into two slots: Spiritual and Personal

***Spiritual Reason***

1. Spirituality.

2. Body.

3. Spirit.

       You Already know that your body is Connected to spirituality.And if you follow path of spirituality then definately law of attraction totally work.

      Your mind is your spirit .Because Your mind has million of thought in one second ,And for great success you should stabilize that Right.

     So, Stabilize your mind for each second.As per our body consider ,You can't stabilize your body in one second ,but you stabilize your body in one second,but you should definately stabilize your body in one minute . Because It take minimum one minute to stabilize your body on one fixed position ,it's not possible in second,it required whole one minute.So,Stabilize your body in one minute.

       So Stabilize your body and mind by one minute and one second in the clock.

       But what about 1hour ,if you stabilized your mind and body for each hour.After completing one hour  you just meditate '0m Namah Shivaay' or you should meditate your spiritual leader name for each and every hour.

       If you synchronized with the hour hand,minute hand,and second hand then definately success is yours.

****Personal Reason***


2. Focus/Concentration.

3. Fulfil.

 From the spiritual reason ,we can conclude that ,3 hands in clock are are three fortune sources of our body.

             So for the personal reason behind this is set one thought/ task for one second in your mind . Align your body for that task within one minute . Complete that task in upcoming one hour.Do repeat this again and again for whole day.Its  very beneficial for our personal health.

          So ,God give you Clock which have three hands is a symbol for your Spirituality growth and Personal growth for fulfil your dreams.

        So,guys please share my article to everyone if you like.

Thanking You.


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