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Monday, March 22, 2021

Asthma Care- Pumpkin Seeds

As per today covid'19 pandemics consider,most of the patient during Corona infected caused their death due to Breathing in and out(Asthma attack).

          Around 1.31 billion population,6% children are infected by asthma and 2% of adults infected by asthma.

      For example,Consider our population is 100cr and 8% people are infected by asthma What is total count?means 8cr people is still suffering from asthma.

       In today's scenario since covid situation most of the people losses their power/energy due to they are already infected by asthma.

   Logic behind that I have developed-

  While(covid==proper vaccine)


             asthma patient= empty stomach+pumpkin seeds;

/*Take 2-3 piece of pumpkin seeds daily when your stomach is empty*/


Pros of Pumpkin Seeds(related to asthma  patient) -

       Pumpkin seeds is beneficial for asthma patient.Its a diet rich in magnesium helps to improve lung flow and volume.its cannot completely cure your asthma problem related to corona but it can manage your diet ratio.


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